Building a home is a very unique and rewarding experience.  Home builders often will take existing designs and modify them to suit a homeowners needs.  In keeping with the tradition of societies ever lasting desire to have the unique, steel building are becoming a popular trend in rural home construction.  Because room spans and ceiling heights in steel buildings have fewer limitations than traditional wood construction, many homeowners love the open design space that allows wide open spaces.

Adding bedrooms and living spaces can be easily accomplished with nonstructural partition walls.  These walls can be framed from wood studs or cold formed steel framing.   A little bit of planning will accomplish a comfortable environment with windows, tall open spaces, and high impact doors.

Another unique trend is to add on a large workshop or vehicle barn as part of the design of your multipurpose structure.  The multiuse building is ideal for businesses that require office space in addition to their workshops.  Metal buildings allow for the large bay doors that many people require for a tractor or RV.  Using a combination use structure is often an ideal method for cutting costs on your structure.

Steel buildings also aren’t limited to plane metal exterior walls.  The cladding can be decorated in brick, stucco, stone, or attractive siding.  A combination stone and metal clad is ideal for the look of a modern ranch home.  You can also add an awning or a set of decorative entry doors  to complete a custom look and feel.

Custom Steel Home

Expanding a metal structure is also as easy as any other type of building.  The weight of a metal buildings structure is concentrated in the perimeter columns.  So opening spaces between columns can be accomplished with the modification of only one section of the building, this makes the construction process much less expensive than a typical wood structure where the roofing must be integrated into the modifications.
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